This is a thank you Dr. Khalsa for helping Truman after years of watching him suffer. Allergies were the problem…..NAET solved the problem.

Truman is my fawn Bouvier des Flandres who is now 6 years old. We brought Truman home in October of 2008 at 7 weeks old and in November of 2008 the frantic biting at rear legs, licking and chewing on feet began. Many times his feet would be raw from chewing. He had ear infections and he suffered from terrible gas with soft and runny stools. After countless visits to different Veterinarians the episodes of chewing and gas continued.

We tried different foods, grain free and limited ingredient diets with no improvement. In January, 2014 I had Truman tested for Allergies. The test came back with Beef being the only food he had a negative allergic reaction to. After the allergy test I switched Truman to an all beef raw diet. I gave the raw diet over 2 months for him to adjust but stool problems, gas and itching remained a problem.

Many years ago when you had your practice in Yardley, PA you were my Veterinarian for many of my cats and dogs. For these appointments I would drive 1-1/2 each way simply because the drive was worth it to have you treat my pet kids. In April I reached out to you again and scheduled a phone consult with you concerning Truman’s itching, chewing and gas. We discussed NAET and you sent me the vials with instructions on how I should give Truman the NAET treatment at my home.

After the NAET treatment I slowly started introducing different foods into Truman’s diet. Finally over 6 years after we brought Truman into our life he is finally itch free, no longer chewing his feet and the horrible gas episodes are over.

Now 8 months after the NAET treatment Truman is still on a raw diet and eating protein sources other than strictly beef with no negative results. I add vegetables and garlic to his diet that I supplement with Deserving Pets Canine Everyday Essentials and Myristin Hip and Joint Formula and he is a happy, healthy boy.

The majority of Veterinarians will prescribe drugs that mask the symptoms rather than cure the ailment. After years of Truman suffering, numerous veterinarian visits and tests………all it took was a Phone Consult with Dr. Khalsa and the resulting NAET treatment that finally gave Truman the relief I had sought for years. Thank you Dr. Khalsa for offering a drug free approach to freeing Truman of his allergies.

Deb and Truman


Puppy Success

These adorable puppies take Canine Everyday Essentials. Even more importantly, their Mom took this incredible preventive supplement when she was pregnant. Guess what? They were going out on their own to do ‘their business’ at 7 weeks of age.

Kiki’s Story

Dear Dr. Khalsa,

Finally, a letter long overdue, of praise and thanks for your help and
expertise curing my little boy in a fur suit…Kiki.

When I first sought you out, I was distraught. I had lost one very
beloved pussycat six months prior to prolonged renal failure and
senility, when I found out my strong and healthy Kiki boy had
contracted cancer.

I have never experienced cancer with any of my pets ever, and after my
recent loss, was confused and depressed! After all Kiki has always
been proclaimed by Vets as incredibly strong and healthy, surely to
live to be at least 20! Kiki was not quite 10 when I got the news.
It appears that vaccination seems to have been the cause. As much as I
try to avoid unnecessary vaccinations for a house cat, my older cat
had picked up a virulent infection during one of his routine visits to
the Vet while monitoring his renal failure. I was concerned that the
virus could be contagious to Kiki over the three months of antibiotic
treatment and resorted to vaccination which left a lump where he was
injected, lasting a week. It was at that site that the tumor grew.
Unfortunately I didn’t detect the growth for some time as most was
internal with a hard mass on his rib which I mistook for a mended
broken bone. My only option was to operate provided the tumor had not
penetrated the organs and could be removed intact. The surgeon assured
me that they could do it, but warned me that his fibrosarcoma had
fingered out and dangerously broached organs.

The operation was a success, the tumor removed completely and I was
ecstatic! A difficult procedure over 5 hours which left Kiki in ICU
for three days. A number of ribs had to be removed and replaced with
surrounding muscle and diaphragm.

A week later I received a call which spiraled me downwards, the
“margins weren’t clear”. I was told by the hospital that the
disease would return in a couple of months and Kiki would not make it
beyond that year (2013). His only options would be radiation every day
for a month, accompanied by daily anesthesia.

Knowing my cat, the daily trip alone to the hospital over one month
would kill him, never mind radiation, stress and all that goes with

That is when I decided to turn to holistic treatment, and with the
help of a friend who referred you to me, we commence on the road to

Though you could not give my a promise of cure due to the progression
of the disease, your words and support were comforting, and I came
away feeling we had a good shot to nip this in the butt!
The treatment was intense; daily injections for up to 9 months,
special holistic pellets, etc etc.

Injecting my “puma” of a cat was no mean feat! He had regained all
his strength, and finding just the right spot in his butt while
avoiding hitting a bone and keeping him still was my daily mission and
acrobatic struggle…actually a bit of a comedy show! I was ever so
grateful whenever I had an unsuspecting guest who was promptly plucked
to help manage hold down my little tiger.

Months of routine visits for blood tests and ultrasound had me anxious
and relieved each time the tests came back normal. But he was not out
of the woods lest he was cancer free for a year and one half post
surgery. To add to my anxieties, he vomited on a regular basis, about
three times a week…too much for my comfort!

It is September 2014, I am relieved, delighted and grateful to report
Kiki is cancer free! I am confident that he has been cured!
As for the vomiting, we first tried to combat possible allergies, that
unfortunately was not as successful, however liquid ulcer medication
has done the trick.

I want to thank you Dr. Khalsa! With your help my boy is in better
shape than he has been for years! I might add, that I give some credit
also to your “Vital Vities”

supplement. He has been on your supplements now for a year and a half,
and his coat is notably better, less shedding and his body odor has

Thank you for giving me my boy back! He is my furry bundle of joy!
Sending you fond greetings,


Mazy the Dachshund

Dear Doctor Khalsa,

mazyWe cannot Thank You enough for your expertise in finally resolving 9 years of terrible Allergies in our beautiful, sweet, adorable long haired mini creme dachshund Mazy. We had tried everything, allergy shots, which was horrible, and did not work, allergy pills, elimination diets, which seemed to help some, but she would still get staph infections so then we would have to do rounds of antibiotics, sometimes she would get so inflamed we would have to do steroids to calm down her immune system.

She was just constantly itching, and scratching and her little face seemed so sad. Her ears would get infected, she lost her hair on her chest, and she would get these weird black spots on her stomach, and arm area. She was just so uncomfortable, she would scratch all night and all day.

She was on steroids and I know the steroids are really bad for them. So on New Years Day I came across a flier for Dr. Khalsa’s book from a local family owned Pet Store, and it said “Itchy, Scratchy Dog?”A holistic way to heal allergies… So I found Dr. Khalsa on the Web…. and Yay!  She does consultations!  A friend of mine had been to her as well, and said she was AMAZING! So lucky us, Dr. Khalsa has totally turned Mazy around!

She said it was Malassezia, a yeast infection that can happen when a dog has allergies.

She told me what shampoo and rinse to get to get rid of it, and then she sent me the vials for this wonderful Treatment called NAET…..with instructions to follow, and it was amazing…..and Mazy really enjoyed the NAET.

Plus Dr. Khalsa has a video on You Tube on how to do it.

I cannot believe the results! We have one Happy, Healthy, Itch Free Dachshund!

We are so Happy!!!!  Thank you so Much!

So Sincerely,
Darcy and Mazy Nopper and our whole family!

Jewel the Rottweiler

Dear Dr. Khalsa,

Thank you for saving Jewel’s life.

Jewel was a 6year old healthy Rottweiler who played in the Koi pond and drank the water in it.

At the time I got back home after being gone for a while, my brother told me that our friend- Carole’s- dog was not doing well.

Jewel (the Rottie) had diarrhea for 7 weeks – up to 8 bowel movements a day.  Her owner Carole, was beside herself after spending $500 on medication (8 different ones), $1000 on blood work, $3500 on an ultrasound and more blood work and even more money on specialized food.  After all this time and money, Jewel was not getting any better.  They were talking about the only other options were exploratory surgery or putting Jewel down!!!!

I told Carole she had to contact you.  She did and not 24 hours later Jewel had a formed stool – you cannot imagine how excited we were.

So – $150 for a consult, $3 for Po Chai, $4.00 for sweet potatoes, homeopathic remedies that we already had on hand – $0.00.  Saving Jewel’s life – PRICELESS!!!!

Thanks Doc – you are a miracle worker.

Carole, Mary and Jewel

Maverick’s Story

Three years ago I was given a chance to own my very first show dog.  This was a dream come true for me and one I had waited to have happen for a long time.  After being given two puppies to socialize I opted for Maverick.  His enthusiastic personality was the perfect fit for my other two dogs.  Mav liked them, and they liked him.  He was also pretty decent to my cat, but this of course took some extra special training, as Mav was a high energy and high prey drive Belgian Malinois 16-week-old puppy.

Within the first year it became clear that something just wasn’t right.  He had little interest in food and feeding him became a chore.  He also suffered with bouts of diarrhea that I had no success in treating.  Finally after exhausting all my remedies and those of the breeders I went to my vet for help.  We began by adjusting his food and trying to get his intestines to settle down.  That was also to no avail.  Now he was 18 months old and failing.  He started to crave water and continued to hate food. While participating at a dog training class, my breeder runs, Maverick became lethargic, appeared thin, and dragged himself from one obedience exercise to the next.  It was when Mav had trouble standing that I began to really worry.  Lisa sent me ASAP to her vet as an emergency patient.  She really thought that he was dying. This was the beginning of his long journey to wellness.

Tests were ordered, a new veterinary diet tried, and traditional medicines prescribed. The results of his tests were in. He had a gluten allergy, mold and cat dander sensitivity, pancreatitis and EPI. Mav was only 18 months at this point and everyone thought he would need to be euthanized. He was gravely ill. For a while Mav improved.  He gained about 4 pounds and started to move better.  He seemed stable after a few months of his new feeding regimen. We were all hopeful.  Then it all started to happen again.  He refused his food, looked at me with sorrowful eyes and walked away from his bowl.  Mav was in a cycle where he ate and ate then got sicker and sicker.  It was a cycle that would last a long time.  He stopped gaining weight. His coat and skin were dry and he was just miserable.  His personality slipped back to being edgy because he was starving and dared not to eat.
I met a wonderful dog breeder of Golden Retrievers in our handling class.  While at a show I lamented on how hard it was to get Mav to eat.  Somewhat embarrassed that I couldn’t solve this issue she shared with me the name of a holistic vet, Dr. Deva who could work miracles with sick dogs. “Give her a call and try it, what do you have to lose?” she asked.
I went to my vet again as Mav failed and told him I wanted to try this holistic approach.  I wanted to make sure that he was o.k. with it.  He was and offered to support my efforts even though he wasn’t a holistic provider himself.  He also said that Mav was lucky I owned him because I would at least try to get him well.

Finally 4 months after his initial diagnosis I reached Dr. Deva. I had waited because everyone thought I was nuts. “This is hokey science. It hasn’t been proved, etc. etc.”  I was desperate, and all I knew for sure was that the regular treatment was failing.  The next 18 months are a blur as she tried many forms of medicines, allergy elimination techniques, JMT, and Chinese herbs.  Many times I despaired, as Mav would continue to cycle.  Never did Dr. Deva give up and never did she make me feel inadequate for worrying about this animal. Slowly, over time, he started to improve.  It was like peeling back an onion.  One remedy led to the next, one problem solved and another taken up. He started to enjoy food but only if I coaxed him to eat.  I spent hours with this dog getting him to try food and to eat it.  I continued to cook. At the beginning he was eating 12 cups of food a day.  When I wrote to Dr. Deva she said, “Feed him all he wants.”  The joke was open the fridge if you are hungry and grabs some pork stew.  It is pretty good!  Mav was showing some really good signs of getting better.  His coat began to shine, he gained weight, and he was happy.  After 3 months of some pretty strong Chinese herbs Mav stopped the cycling.  It happened so slowly I wasn’t even aware of it until I met Dr. Deva in person.  “You need to redo the blood work,” she requested, so I did.

The results were amazing.  He was normal.  No EPI, normal thyroid, and all other tests normal.  WOW!  This was awesome and unbelievable.  It really happened.  All of us were shocked.

In February I had the pleasure of writing:

Hi Dr. Deva,
After a very long break and a lot of hard work on your part, I am happy to write and tell you that Mav got his Championship with a 4 point major on Saturday.  It was the most exciting event of my life.  I got all his points myself over the past 3 years.  He is my very first show dog.  I couldn’t have done this without your help and support with him.  It s a dream come true for me personally.  Laurie told me you work miracles with dogs and she was right. Thank you for all your help.

As exciting as this news is, it pales to the joy of having a healthy dog. I must admit that I never dreamed he would be well.  It is so nice not to worry about him every single day.  I will admit that there were days over the last 1-½ years that I would despair but I refused to give up.  Your e-mails kept me trying.  Thank you

Mav has now been eating real dog food for about 5 months.  He is now about 65 lbs up from the 53 lbs we started at.  I know that our journey isn’t over but we are in a good place.  It is so nice to ask advice and have it not be an emergency.

Last night in error Mav ate a pizza crust that fell onto the floor.  It is the 1st wheat he has had in 21 months.  He had no effects from his surprise snack.  I guess he can really eat everything, just as you promised he would be able to do someday.

Thank you again for helping me realizes this dream of mine.  I am still smiling ear to ear.
Your really are an amazing healer.

Jody and Mav

Allergies can be totally cured… Never give up!

I believe Dr. Khalsa saved my dogs life and I am writing this so that others may benefit from her gift.  My little dog Sasso started getting skin rashes on her underside three years ago.  And for three years she was on antibiotics and steroids on and off for months at a time….each year for longer and longer periods of time.  Her belly was red, raw and bleeding from constant chewing and she’d pulled out most of the fur on her legs and feet from the constant scratching.  At the end of the third year, the meds stopped working, the rash would not go away this time, and infection was starting again. The only option my veterinarian had was to put her on a very expensive immune suppressing drug called Atopica for the rest of her life.  I was so upset, there was no way I would put her on this drug, but I didn’t have any alternative at the time.  I tried changing her food, and did a lot of research on alternative medicine.   I found a Chinese herbal combination that worked well for about 6 months but when I stopped giving her the herbs, the rash came back.   I was so fortunate to have heard Dr. Khalsa’s “itchy scratch pet webinar” through my local holistic pet store. I made a phone consultation with her, and within a week Sasso was started on her treatment.  The primary treatment was NAET but she also gave her homeopathic remedies and topical herbs.  It took a few months of treatment and there were times in the beginning that I thought it wasn’t working but I stuck with it.  She went through a couple of cycles of better, then worse, then better again… but by the end, her rash was completely gone and the itching finally stopped!  All the while Dr. Khalsa was very available and suggested what to do to relieve her itching while the treatment was working.   It’s been about 6 months and Sasso’s rash hasn’t returned.  No dangerous drugs, no steroids, no side effects!  Sasso is doing very well now… she is full of energy and enjoying life!  Thank you Dr. Khalsa!  Thank you God!

Golden Retriever Puppies


Another litter of exceptional Golden Retriever puppies !

Their mom was given (during pregnancy) a double dose of VITAL VITIES by Deserving Pets.

P.S. They all found the perfect home… in fact they were snatched up… but if you want the name of the breeder let me know.

Rand the Cat

Dear Dr. Deva,rand-the-cat

Rand has already shown tremendous improvement with her allergies. Hair is growing 
back and the homeopathy you recommended has really helped with her OCD.

– Nina

Giving a Healty Life Back

Dear Doctor Deva:

Callie was diagnosed with Chronic Dry Eye Disease and given a life sentence of misery.  She was in severe distress and eventually lacerated both corneas even though we put drops and meds in her eyes 3-7 times each day – even in the middle ocallief the night.  We took her to a specialist and had her on multiple meds.  We had to put an Elizabethan Collar on her for 5 months,  24/7 to keep her from hurting herself.  

You changed her diet, added vitamins, and a Chinese herb and after 5 months, we were able to remove her E collar because she is comfortable and no longer scratches her eyes.  She is producing tears again.  The mucus is minimal, and we only use artificial tears now.
As you can see, Callie is happy and healthy again thanks to your help.

Thank you for everything,

(from Dr. Deva –  Is she cute or what?)


Healthy & Strong & Winning

Beri was beautiful at 7 weeks when selected from her litter as the most promising for a show career. Her fabulous personality and great intelligence were also evident. Since dogs with show potential are trained early, Beri began winning at 12 weeks. She also began field work and was retrieving birds well, by 4 months of age. She was a dynamite puppy and adolescent, never going gawky and always with a beautiful head, structure and coat texture. However, she had bowel issues, couldn’t carry a proper amount of weight, and didn’t grow enough coat. By the time she was 2 ½ she had collected 9 points toward the 15 needed for her championship but was never going to gain the 2 big wins she would need to gain the championship title.

I had visited Dr. Khalsa in the 70’s and 80’s when she had a clinic in Pennsylvania, then lost touch until several years ago when she returned to Pennsylvania to give a lecture. I remembered the miracles she had regularly performed with her special touch and knowledge so I did some research and located her in Florida.

In October, I wrote to her about Beri’s problems. I sent a hair sample, some history and general information. First, Dr. Khalsa recommended a course of homeopathic treatment for Beri’s bowel issues, then she sent a bunch of small vials (NAET Allergy Elimination) to be used for Beri’s other problems. She also recommended Deserving Pets vitamins which I added to Beri’s diet. It was a series of miracles all over again. The bowel issues disappeared, Beri slowly began to gain weight, and her coat began to fill in.

By early March, it was evident that Beri had put it all together, so we planned to attend the shows in Louisville in mid-March. Louisville is 9 ½ hours from home, has HUGE entries and is VERY competitive. There were 4 days of shows, with over 40 bitches entered each day. At the Thursday show, a supported entry, Beri made the cut. On Friday, a specialty, she was awarded Winners Bitch for 5 points. On Saturday, a specialty, she was awarded Reserve Winners Bitch, and on Sunday, a supported entry, she was awarded Winners Bitch for another 5 points, finishing her championship. WOW! Two 5 point wins in one weekend……..HUGE!

More importantly, Beri is now healthy, in good weight, with a shiny correct coat………… and feeling terrific. Thanks to Dr. Khalsa for performing yet another miracle!
– Laurie D.

Tabatha’s Story

(Translated by her mom from Cantonese)

I met Dr. Khalsa when I was 3 years old (I’ll be 12 soon). My Mom took me to see her when all the other doctors gave up on me. I was really sick, and Mom was really sad. Fortunately, Doc had a plan. She weaned me off of all the harmful drugs and she worked really hard to strengthen not only my liver but all my other organs, In time I started to feel better and stronger, and if I did get sick, Doc knew just what to do. So you can imagine how nervous my Mom was when she found out Dr. Khalsa was moving far, far away to some New Land

Dr. Khalsa told my Mom she would still be able to treat me and for her not to worry. But she worried anyway. A year before Doc moved far away, her and my Mom started doing phone consultations, all in preparation for Doc’s really big move. I only saw Doc in person once-in-a-while. Then the day came when Doc moved to the New Land . Mom was scared again. But in time she saw it wasn’t so bad. She was able to chat with Doc via emails and setup phone consultations and Doc would prescribe remedies and nothing really changed. Mom likes that, and I like that I don’t have to go in a cage and drive to the hospital and I like that I get Doc’s full attention. That’s important for cats you know!

A few weeks ago I started to get sick and Mom knew it could be serious. She worried what would happen if I got really sick and Doc was so far away. So Mom contacted Dr. Khalsa and they discussed what to do. I needed a medical procedure which for me is very risky. . Dr. Khalsa advised my Mom on what to do and when. She consulted with my primary vet who was doing the procedure, to make sure I wasn’t given anything that could harm my liver. She prescribed remedies to be used before and after surgery and she reviewed my pre-op blood test results. I’m happy to say that all went well and Doc is working now on helping me recover and get stronger. Mom feels better knowing for sure that Dr. Khalsa is available if I do get sick. And Mom says it’s easier to get in touch with Dr. Khalsa now then before she moved away. They exchange e-mails and Doc can call from the new land and she and she can phone-in remedies to be picked up or mailed. It’s pretty convenient. Mom likes that and I like that. Mom is happy.

– Tabatha Alexis

No More Allergies, Mom!

What can I say about Dr. Deva Khalsa? PLENTY!!! I was so disappointed when she relocated to New Zealand….but no worries….her medical and holistic expertise is changing my four babies’- Buca, Hannah, Neeko and Nora’s- lives. She accomplishes this through phone consultations! My local veterinarian diagnosed my Nora as pre-Cushing’s and after one phone consult and answering Dr. Khalsa’s questions about Nora, she did not think Nora had Cushing’s at all and told me what urinalysis to have done that would help us to find the truth and she was totally right!! No Cushing’s!!!

She also made sure that I began feeding my dogs a healthy diet, which up until now consisted of prescription, crummy, non-nutritious foods that actually were hurting their health instead of helping it. Dr. Khalsa is direct and is so knowledgeable it makes me feel at ease to entrust my dogs to her…even though she is in New Zealand. I tend to have a lot of questions in general and even more especially when it comes to my dog’s care and my own understanding of the medical treatments and diagnosis on my 4 dogs. Dr. Khalsa responds to my concerns and fully answers all my questions.

The homeopathic remedies and herbs she prescribes are so much less expensive and easier to administer to my dogs than the expensive medications I had to buy from my local veterinarian and pharmacy. Additionally, it is totally easy to order with a toll free phone call or on the web. I am anxiously awaiting the release of her new book this spring!

– Wendy – New Jersey, USA

Our Journey of Healing

I am truly grateful to Dr. Khalsa for insisting that my cat Chatty follow the treatment regime she prescribed. I hated giving Chatty the fluids, but after she suggested I warm the bag of fluids up in the sink, Chatty did not protest as much, Dr. Khalsa held out the possibility of giving Chatty continued life. If she had not insisted on giving him the fluids, along with her other therapies, I do not think that he would be lying next to me right now, looking sleepy and content, with a pretty full belly. The other vets were almost ready to let him go, because they considered 17years to be old for a cat, but Dr. Khalsa did not take that point of view.
Chatty had blood drawn at the end of that week, and we got the results back. The results were wonderful! The BUN and Creatinine levels had dropped to pretty close to the upper end of acceptable ranges. They were wonderfully improved. His thyroid level was almost normal. There was great rejoicing from all of us!

Dr. Khalsa did not consider his age. She took a positive approach, and said this is what must be done to help him. She did not talk about death, she recommended what could give life. Thank you, Deva. Thank you for helping our dear Chatty, and thank you for helping me to learn an essential lesson. For me the lesson goes something like this: You may have to do things that are painful or uncomfortable, but follow the path that you are on to the end. Do not relinquish the possibility of life.

PS – Orion knows that Chatty is feeling better, because he’s back to pestering Chatty again, and generally being a brat.

Thank God for that!

– Madeline

Brutus the Pug

I was desperate, my pug Brutus had been seeing a dermatologist for two years for allergies, but not responding to treatments. Brutus’ stomach looked like elephant skin. He had frequent ear problems and infections and he shed like crazy. Dr. Khalsa had treated Brutus when we lived in PA, so I called her office to find she had moved to New Zealand. I contacted her by email to see if she could help Brutus or refer me to some one who could.

Through “Skype” a telephone and web cam program (free at skype.com) she was able to see his stomach and we went over his symptoms. I sent her a hair sample via mail. Now I know this sounds strange and I don’t understand it, but Dr. Khalsa diagnosed his problem and started treating him immediately. Dr K requested blood sample to be sent to a lab in CA and found his thyroid was way off . Dr. Khalsa diagnosed a massive yeast infection also. Both are now being treated and his response is unbelievable. Brutus is like a new dog.

I kept a calendar with what and when to give each treatment. I knew it was a shot in the dark but I had to do something. Brutus was dragging his belly on the floor and it would get very raw. He was not playing and he shredded by the handfuls. It has been only a few weeks since we started treatment -and we already see a wonderful positive change in Brutus. Dr. Khalsa changed his diet, taught us how to treat him for allergies, prescribed some homeopathic remedies and corrected his thyroid problem. What a new dog! He is happy and playful again. He acts like a much younger dog. I can’t thank Dr K enough as she has given Brutus his life back. His stomach is turning pink again and the crusty nose is clearing up. Dr K you are the greatest.

Thank you
– Hope & Bob and Brutus Dougherty

I can’t thank you enough

Hi Doc –

I had to write to tell you how wonderful you were the other evening regarding my dog Frank. I can’t thank you enough for the time and immediate attention you gave us during our time of need.

When Frank had his ‘attack’ on Saturday night I didn’t know what to do, so I waited to see if he got better and things passed and he was episode free. Then on Monday while I was sitting at the computer working, I noticed out of the corner of my eye Franks body start to tense and spasm. My first reaction was to record the incident so I could show someone in addition to explaining what I was seeing. Then I calmed Frank down and started to think about what I needed to do. I knew I needed you Doc -but how? You are on the other side of the world – a world away from me and my dog that needed you desperately.

So I sat and thought I decided to send you an e-mail and tell you what was going on and ask you for help. I must admit I was a little apprehensive when I started to write my first e-mail to you. After all, what was I to expect from around the world? Could an e-mail actually help? Well surprisingly it did.

Your immediate response to my initial e-mail was heartwarming and amazing. Once again you were there for me. In less than 4 hours after I sent you my e-mail – I had my first contact response from you. You read my story and immediately knew we needed a teleconference. You took the time from your busy schedule to make time for me and Frank in MY time zone when it was convenient for me here in New York. You told me in your initial e-mail what I needed to have ready for you, I sent you the video and the background info so that we did not waste any time when we spoke. I cannot believe how effective phone consults can be.

Through speaking with you, hearing your calming and assuring voice again, getting one on one attention, you were able to lead Frank down the right path. Once again you were able to prescribe just what he needed. Speaking with you on the phone was almost as good as having you here with us. You are the most receptive, responsive, and intuitive veterinarian I have had the pleasure of having care for my fur-babies. I have had the honor of having you treat and help me with many of my fur-babies, both feline and canine. From my FIP kitty Fred, to my seizuring and dysplastic dog Frank, you have always been there with conventional and holistic expertise and caring. I was afraid that when you moved that we had lost you forever, but thankfully I was wrong. While you are not a car ride away right now – you are a call or e-mail away and that is almost like having you here. I am comforted to know that I did not lose you and that you are still here for us. I would recommend teleconferencing to anyone in need -it’s almost like being there.

Thanks again for always being there for me and mine. – Mariann

A Skeptic’s Tale

GooseI was more than skeptical when my friend Liz told me she was consulting Dr. Khalsa. Liz’s dog Buddy, following a number of bouts with chronic illness, had been most recently diagnosed with cancer. Liz had the chemotherapy treatments in her refrigerator, but as a last ditch effort wanted to try this holistic vet located on the other side of the globe. My end of the conversation, eyebrow raised, went something like this: “So the vet is never going to see Buddy? Talk over the phone? Send a hair sample?” I like to think I’m pretty open-minded, but the most I could muster was, “Well, you need to do what you think is right.”

Weeks passed. Liz would mention Buddy’s “treatments” and sweet potato diet. There was also something about a Native American water. “This,” I thought to myself, “is how desperate these animals can make a bright, educated, articulate woman.” Liz thought Buddy was definitely getting better; he was more active, playful, the bouts of explosive diarrhea had subsided (Liz is known for her over-sharing). Psych 101:It all sounded like the placebo effect to me. While I never said it, I thought a number of times, “Liz, your dog has CANCER; that does not go away with the wave of a magic wand and some sweet potatoes.”

I vividly remember my tipping point. Liz had a follow-up appointment with her regular vet, you know, the one that actually touches Buddy. They were going to take follow-up x-rays of Buddy’s lungs where they had initially seen the cancer. Total moment of truth time. When I asked how it went, Liz announced: “The cancer is gone.”
Me: “What?”
Liz: “Gone.”
Me: “On the x-rays?”
Liz: “Nothing.”
Me: “Same vet?”
Liz: “Yep.”
Me: “That… Really…? How could…? Gone? What’s that voodoo doctor’s website?”

I have Goose because I needed cat food on the weekend. The local Petco has cat adoptions every weekend, and I know I’m weak so I try to time my visits during the week. That Saturday I tried not to look in the direction of the kittens, but there he was, all solid grey with gold-green eyes. I had always wanted a grey cat, and before I knew it, I was signing adoption papers. Careful what you wish for…

Goose, now four, around age one started plucking tufts of hair from his back. At first, it was occasional, hardly even noticeable. As the problem escalated, I would come home from work and find piles of hair in all of his usual hangouts. To watch him do it was painful. He would attack his back and rip the hair in frenetic waves. My cat was self-mutilating like an angsty teenage girl. Good thing he couldn’t open the knife drawer. I made an appointment with my regular vet. She did blood tests, fungus tests, bacteria tests, parasite tests, even IQ tests (just kidding)… all were inconclusive. My vet’s best guess was food allergies. We started trying different prescription limited ingredient diets. We had three cats at the time, and there was always somebody who didn’t like the food. Separate feedings were impossible and nightmarish. Weeks would pass, and it seemed like the plucking was subsiding, maybe the food was working, some hair would start to grow back, and then suddenly, the tell tale piles would appear, oftentimes accompanied with bouts of diarrhea and near daily vomiting. Goose was scrawny, usually weighing around seven pounds, and the 2×4 bald patch on his back was beyond unsightly. This ebb and flow cycle continued for over two years. We concluded that Goose’s allergies were partly food and partly seasonal. We would control what we could with diet, and then medicate through the bad stretches. I knew he didn’t feel well, but I was helpless, and certain we had exhausted our options.

Then, along came Liz and this amazing story of Buddy’s recovery. Really, it sounded ridiculous, but what did I have to lose? I read about N.A.E.T. on doctordeva.com and emailed Dr. Khalsa with Goose’s tale of woe. The following Saturday I was standing on line at the post office to mail a sample of Goose’s hair to New Zealand. I wasn’t prepared for the contents-of-envelope question and flushed with embarrassment as I whispered, “my cat’s hair.” I could no longer deny my husband’s “cat lady” accusations. And this was only the beginning.

Dr. Khalsa e-mailed following the hair sample analysis to set up the phone consultation. Goose needed what had to be an unprecedented nine treatment vials. The list of what Goose was allergic to was absurd. I think the only thing he was not allergic to was himself. My husband had a field day with my journey into the world of holistic veterinary medicine. He delighted in telling friends and family that I had invented new and unusual ways to spend money on this cat.

The mockery reached new levels when the vials arrived in the little brown envelope from New Zealand.The customs form read “scented water.” Liz stopped by to show me the “technique.” Worst of all was the fact that the vials were never to be opened, only placed by Goose’s head while I “tapped” on his spine for three minutes every day. With the nine vials, it added up to a 45-day commitment. Goose was a wiggler so I couldn’t do the treatments alone. I needed my husband’s help to hold him. My husband adopted the same look each night, part resignation and part disgust. I liked to joke that his negative energy was a detriment to the aura of healing. Our friends were literally in stitches over the story of the magic potions in sealed bottles. We had the comedy routine down, and I played along, figuring at the very least, I had bought a great story to entertain others. But then…

Suddenly months had passed without Goose plucking a one hair. I thought maybe it was just an unusually long stretch of him feeling good. Surely it was only a matter of time before I happened upon a nest of plucked hair and felt the wave of dread wash over me (I can be pretty dramatic.) But there was no denying it, this was out of the ordinary. Not only had his hair grown in; he was filling out, had stopped vomiting, and was playing like a kitten. I was so afraid of a relapse that I said nothing, figuratively holding my breath with hope. Goose had his regular check-up at the vet, and he had gained over a pound. Really? My mother, who affectionately referred to Goose as Rat because of his pathetic appearance,came to visit, and she said, “That’s not the same cat.” I literally welled up when a friend, fishing for the latest comedic update, inquired: “How’s kitty’s vapor treatment going?”

My husband: “I think it worked.”

We are about six months from the last day of N.A.E.T. treatment. The skeptic in me is still a little afraid to breathe, but I too think it worked.

Healed by Double Helix Water? Bob the Bobcat

Bob_the_BobcatTo the right sits Bob the Bobcat with Felicia.  As a youngster he was destined for Busch Gardens but he developed epilepsy along with some neurological problems.  He needed a home and he was taken in and loved and cared for by Felicia. She knew he needed supplements to round out his raw food diet, but he was so smart that he would take his meat over to his water bowl and drop his food in so he could wash off the bad tasting supplements.  He needed to be on daily medication for his seizures and his front legs would tremble most of the time.

Felicia wanted to know if Deserving Pets Vitamins were adequate to balance a raw meat diet.  She was also concerned that he would not eat the product and would just wash it off in his water bowl.   When Bob discovered the Deserving Pets Vitamins on his meat he ate it with gusto. She found him sliding his feeding bowl around in order to lick up every last morsel.  I also put Bob on Double Helix Water for his seizures as I was working with the product on a study.

Since being on Deserving Pets Vitamins and the Double Helix water, Bob’s seizures have reduced by 95% and he’s being weaned off of the medication for his seizures.  His coat has become absolutely beautiful.  Felicia also said that the trembling in his front paws is 90% improved.  She also loves the fact that he has much more energy and is a lot more playful.   It’s obvious to her that he feels better and is so much happier.

Bob the Bobcat may not have made it to Busch Gardens in Tampa but he has a loving home and a much better life to look forward to.