I can’t thank you enough

Hi Doc –

I had to write to tell you how wonderful you were the other evening regarding my dog Frank. I can’t thank you enough for the time and immediate attention you gave us during our time of need.

When Frank had his ‘attack’ on Saturday night I didn’t know what to do, so I waited to see if he got better and things passed and he was episode free. Then on Monday while I was sitting at the computer working, I noticed out of the corner of my eye Franks body start to tense and spasm. My first reaction was to record the incident so I could show someone in addition to explaining what I was seeing. Then I calmed Frank down and started to think about what I needed to do. I knew I needed you Doc -but how? You are on the other side of the world – a world away from me and my dog that needed you desperately.

So I sat and thought I decided to send you an e-mail and tell you what was going on and ask you for help. I must admit I was a little apprehensive when I started to write my first e-mail to you. After all, what was I to expect from around the world? Could an e-mail actually help? Well surprisingly it did.

Your immediate response to my initial e-mail was heartwarming and amazing. Once again you were there for me. In less than 4 hours after I sent you my e-mail – I had my first contact response from you. You read my story and immediately knew we needed a teleconference. You took the time from your busy schedule to make time for me and Frank in MY time zone when it was convenient for me here in New York. You told me in your initial e-mail what I needed to have ready for you, I sent you the video and the background info so that we did not waste any time when we spoke. I cannot believe how effective phone consults can be.

Through speaking with you, hearing your calming and assuring voice again, getting one on one attention, you were able to lead Frank down the right path. Once again you were able to prescribe just what he needed. Speaking with you on the phone was almost as good as having you here with us. You are the most receptive, responsive, and intuitive veterinarian I have had the pleasure of having care for my fur-babies. I have had the honor of having you treat and help me with many of my fur-babies, both feline and canine. From my FIP kitty Fred, to my seizuring and dysplastic dog Frank, you have always been there with conventional and holistic expertise and caring. I was afraid that when you moved that we had lost you forever, but thankfully I was wrong. While you are not a car ride away right now – you are a call or e-mail away and that is almost like having you here. I am comforted to know that I did not lose you and that you are still here for us. I would recommend teleconferencing to anyone in need -it’s almost like being there.

Thanks again for always being there for me and mine. – Mariann