Our Journey of Healing

I am truly grateful to Dr. Khalsa for insisting that my cat Chatty follow the treatment regime she prescribed. I hated giving Chatty the fluids, but after she suggested I warm the bag of fluids up in the sink, Chatty did not protest as much, Dr. Khalsa held out the possibility of giving Chatty continued life. If she had not insisted on giving him the fluids, along with her other therapies, I do not think that he would be lying next to me right now, looking sleepy and content, with a pretty full belly. The other vets were almost ready to let him go, because they considered 17years to be old for a cat, but Dr. Khalsa did not take that point of view.
Chatty had blood drawn at the end of that week, and we got the results back. The results were wonderful! The BUN and Creatinine levels had dropped to pretty close to the upper end of acceptable ranges. They were wonderfully improved. His thyroid level was almost normal. There was great rejoicing from all of us!

Dr. Khalsa did not consider his age. She took a positive approach, and said this is what must be done to help him. She did not talk about death, she recommended what could give life. Thank you, Deva. Thank you for helping our dear Chatty, and thank you for helping me to learn an essential lesson. For me the lesson goes something like this: You may have to do things that are painful or uncomfortable, but follow the path that you are on to the end. Do not relinquish the possibility of life.

PS – Orion knows that Chatty is feeling better, because he’s back to pestering Chatty again, and generally being a brat.

Thank God for that!

– Madeline