Holistic Approach

Holistic in its most basic sense refers to choosing to work with the body’s innate intelligence, promoting balance and restoration. In some cases it simply means a healthier diet and daily vitamins. It many cases it is the approach an owner takes in an effort to save a beloved pet from a severe and deadly disease.

deva-in-officeThere are many terms within the heading of ‘holistic’. One such term, complimentary, means that the wonderful medley of styles of healing, both new and ancient, can be used to compliment each other. There is a time and place for each and every one. The ability to combine the best options from different healing venues is what’s known as integrative health care.

In deciding what approach to use on my patients, I have never excluded any option that I thought would help them obtain better health. I think of these techniques as comprising a literal ‘body of knowledge’ of how to heal disease. While some are time honored and others relatively recent discoveries, all of them utilize the inborn knowledge within the body and work with that innate intelligence to create good health.

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