Healthy & Strong & Winning

Beri was beautiful at 7 weeks when selected from her litter as the most promising for a show career. Her fabulous personality and great intelligence were also evident. Since dogs with show potential are trained early, Beri began winning at 12 weeks. She also began field work and was retrieving birds well, by 4 months of age. She was a dynamite puppy and adolescent, never going gawky and always with a beautiful head, structure and coat texture. However, she had bowel issues, couldn’t carry a proper amount of weight, and didn’t grow enough coat. By the time she was 2 ½ she had collected 9 points toward the 15 needed for her championship but was never going to gain the 2 big wins she would need to gain the championship title.

I had visited Dr. Khalsa in the 70’s and 80’s when she had a clinic in Pennsylvania, then lost touch until several years ago when she returned to Pennsylvania to give a lecture. I remembered the miracles she had regularly performed with her special touch and knowledge so I did some research and located her in Florida.

In October, I wrote to her about Beri’s problems. I sent a hair sample, some history and general information. First, Dr. Khalsa recommended a course of homeopathic treatment for Beri’s bowel issues, then she sent a bunch of small vials (NAET Allergy Elimination) to be used for Beri’s other problems. She also recommended Deserving Pets vitamins which I added to Beri’s diet. It was a series of miracles all over again. The bowel issues disappeared, Beri slowly began to gain weight, and her coat began to fill in.

By early March, it was evident that Beri had put it all together, so we planned to attend the shows in Louisville in mid-March. Louisville is 9 ½ hours from home, has HUGE entries and is VERY competitive. There were 4 days of shows, with over 40 bitches entered each day. At the Thursday show, a supported entry, Beri made the cut. On Friday, a specialty, she was awarded Winners Bitch for 5 points. On Saturday, a specialty, she was awarded Reserve Winners Bitch, and on Sunday, a supported entry, she was awarded Winners Bitch for another 5 points, finishing her championship. WOW! Two 5 point wins in one weekend……..HUGE!

More importantly, Beri is now healthy, in good weight, with a shiny correct coat………… and feeling terrific. Thanks to Dr. Khalsa for performing yet another miracle!
– Laurie D.