Professional Consults with Dr. Khalsa

shutterstock_2785362People from all over the world schedule phone consultations with Dr. Khalsa for difficulties they are having with their pets. Her consultations are efficient, effective and most of all comforting. She will work along with you and your local veterinarian or specialty clinic.  Dr. Khalsa will request all of your pet’s records, blood tests and diagnostics before the consult either faxed or attached to her e-mail.  Dr. Khalsa works effectively with pet allergies, IBD, types of cancer, autoimmune disease, chronic illness, arthritis and many more problems.

Request a Consultation / Ask a Question

To request a consultation simply fill out the below form.

This is the preferred method but you can also e-mail and/or attach medical records to or call (215) 550-4479 or (215) 944-3036.
A picture of your pet is always appreciated.

Once your message is received you will be contacted and an appointment will be scheduled. Dr. Khalsa will call you at the scheduled time.

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Before the Consultation

Fax your pet’s medical records through to (727) 608-4499 as soon as possible so that Dr. Khalsa can review your pet’s medical history and have the records to hand during the consult.

During the Phone Consultation

An initial consult takes a half hour as the doctor will be gathering all the needed information. You will probably also have much to explain. A consult includes reviewing your pet’s case history and laboratory work and prescribing the correct holistic treatment including remedies, herbs, etc. for the problem.

Dr. Deva may advise you on what to administer to improve your pet’s health and where to obtain the products suggested. She will make sure that all your pet’s requirements are taken care of.

You will receive a written report on your e-mail with all recommendations.

After the Consult / Follow Up

If your pet has skin problems, allergies or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the doctor may suggest an effective Allergy Elimination Program.  Read more about that here.

Follow up consultations are important when using the holistic approach. With each treatment, your pet’s health moves more and more to an optimum level. Remedies are to be given for prescribed time only. Dr. Khalsa will organize these with you in person after the first consultation.

In between consults, short e-mails with timely questions relating to the information given in the consults are usually not charged for. Dr. Khalsa encourages you to maintain a communication line and certainly get any questions or confusions clarified. However, for frequent or lengthy e-mails you may be asked to simply schedule an additional consultation or opt for a paid email consultation.

Consultation Fees

A typical initial 30 minute phone consult with Dr. Khalsa costs US $125.00. Recheck consults are usually shorter. The fees for shorter consults and extended consults are different and can be provided to you upon request.


Do not give your credit card over the e-mail. It will be taken upon commencement of the consultation over the phone.