Brutus the Pug

I was desperate, my pug Brutus had been seeing a dermatologist for two years for allergies, but not responding to treatments. Brutus’ stomach looked like elephant skin. He had frequent ear problems and infections and he shed like crazy. Dr. Khalsa had treated Brutus when we lived in PA, so I called her office to find she had moved to New Zealand. I contacted her by email to see if she could help Brutus or refer me to some one who could.

Through “Skype” a telephone and web cam program (free at she was able to see his stomach and we went over his symptoms. I sent her a hair sample via mail. Now I know this sounds strange and I don’t understand it, but Dr. Khalsa diagnosed his problem and started treating him immediately. Dr K requested blood sample to be sent to a lab in CA and found his thyroid was way off . Dr. Khalsa diagnosed a massive yeast infection also. Both are now being treated and his response is unbelievable. Brutus is like a new dog.

I kept a calendar with what and when to give each treatment. I knew it was a shot in the dark but I had to do something. Brutus was dragging his belly on the floor and it would get very raw. He was not playing and he shredded by the handfuls. It has been only a few weeks since we started treatment -and we already see a wonderful positive change in Brutus. Dr. Khalsa changed his diet, taught us how to treat him for allergies, prescribed some homeopathic remedies and corrected his thyroid problem. What a new dog! He is happy and playful again. He acts like a much younger dog. I can’t thank Dr K enough as she has given Brutus his life back. His stomach is turning pink again and the crusty nose is clearing up. Dr K you are the greatest.

Thank you
– Hope & Bob and Brutus Dougherty